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The skin is sheep, sheep wool
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The skin is sheep, sheep wool

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Country of manufacture:Moldova

Moldova, ATO Gagauzia
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Sheep skins

In all countries of skin of sheep were used in life since the most ancient times - carpets and warm clothes, footwear were made of them, they warmed houses and took cover for the night. Those it happened to whom to catch a cold were wrapped first of all in sheep skin - and then it was much simpler to cope with the illness.

The clothes from sheep skins help to keep heat in the coldest weather, at the same time in such clothes it is possible to be also in the warm room, without being afraid to sweat - the sheep skin excellently absorbs moisture, remaining at the same time dry.

Sheep skins possess special power and is curative influence body and soul of the person.

We offer yagnyach and sheep skins, unmanufactured, tsigeysky breed, fur which go for production of sheepskin coats, jackets, fur coats, different linings for footwear, clothes, etc.

During acceptance our experts carefully examine sheep skins regarding quality. Then they are stacked on table where at once preserve (plentifully rub with salt). Skins stack on pallets, bending twice. Thereby, allowing skin to enrage all natural sewage.

All sheep skins are sorted by types (yagnyach, sheep) and by the sizes.

Sizes of yagnyachy skins: from 25 dm to 40 dm
from 40 dm to 65 dm.

Sizes of sheep skins: from 50 dm to 60 dm
from 60 dm to 110 dm.

Wool length on skin makes 35-60 mm.

Average of the tannin of wool - 27-29 microns.

At preparation and processing of raw materials child labor is not used.

Sheep wool

Sheep wool is unique natural material which not only heats in cold, but also gives cool during heat. Clothes, plaids, pillows, the blankets, mattresses made of natural wool "breathe" and allow to breathe to your body. Salutary properties of sheep wool are long since known. Being good conductor of heat, it treats radiculitises, arthritises and other diseases.

Collecting wool is carried out without face of animals that gives the chance to receive valuable material with all its useful properties. Hair of sheep of breed "цигай" is semi-thin (25-32 microns) wool which is extracted, shearing nape at sheep.

Wool length in the shtapel makes 60 - 100 mm.

Exit of the free (washed) wool - from 65% and above.

Availability of vegetable matter - to 5%.

Color of wool - natural white (with yellowing to 1.2 lengths).

All wool is passed through sorters board (grid) where our sorters separate the lowest grades (obor, pollen pellet, klyunker) from wool in fleece. After careful survey wool is pressed in bales (kips) on 90 - 120 kg. everyone.

Bale size: 80х80х100 cm.

Each bale is tied with polypropylene thread or steel wire.

At the last stage bales are packed into PET film.

At preparation and processing of raw materials child labor is not used.

Country of manufacture:Moldova
Information is up-to-date: 15.01.2019
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